Chairman’s Message

Rarely has a demand regarding school been so persistently repeated through history as the demand that school be related to life. From Seneca to our day this demand has been stressed with variations, never with complete success.
The function of school has changed through the course of centuries, but it
has retained the character of an institution which serves a certain social
Today we find ourselves in the midst of a scientific – technical revolution
and in the process of far reaching social changes – on the threshold of the
cosmic era, in fact. The amount of scientific information is increasingly
growing, as should consequently the knowledge offered in and beyond school. Hence keeping in pace with this is too a Herculean task. Even in our era, characterized by rapid and profound changes in the whole of social life, has not been spared the renewed postulation of this task:
school is not only expected to establish a balance between itself and life,
it is also expected to hasten social changes. Hence Teachers, Staff and
Management of OUR ABC ACADEMY compete amongst us in attempting to envisage a type of school which would satisfy this centuries – old aspiration
keeping in tune with the modern day aspirations.

Best Wishes
Er. Narayan Sarmah

Chairman, Jai Tulsi Trust